Lost 30+ lbs and competed in her 1st NPC Competition.

Heather completely changed around my nutrition, got me on macros, kicked my butt and never let me settle for mediocrity. She often tells me now that she saw the potential in me since day one and that is why she pushed and still pushes me as hard as she does.. Read More.

Finally lost the Baby Weight!

I left feeling energetic and positive, rather than discouraged, out of shape, or down on myself like I had in the past. Three months later, I am down 2 dress sizes, back to my pre-baby weight, have gained significant muscle, endurance, and confidence.. Read More.

Tripled her Calories, and LOST weight.

I went from eating on average 1,500 calories a day to where I am now at over 3,500 calories and I am continuing to lean out and LOSE WEIGHT.  Heather is extremely professional, accountable, knowledgeable, kind and she is not just a trainer, but she becomes more like a friend and for her competitors, a sister and role model.  Heather has instilled a confidence in me that I never thought would exist.. Read More.

Broke Through 6 Month Plateau.

I have seen amazing results and my overall moral has been boosted. Her energy and passion push me to work even harder. Heather has helped me take my fitness to a whole new level. She doesn't accept excuses and doesn't allow you to slack. I love this about her because it holds me more accountable then I have ever been before.. Read More.