On a February afternoon, I was driving home from TJ Maxx after trying to find an outfit for an event that weekend. Nothing fit or looked right and I was feeling very discouraged. I was driving down Wehrle, and like a beacon I saw Catalyst Fitness.

I walked through the door with jeans and an oversized sweater on, feeling out of place and overwhelmed. I was introduced to Mike P who sat down with me and talked about some of my goals and fitness history. I was an athlete in high school, dabbled in cardio and circuit training now and then, but was never committed to a program. When I became pregnant my fitness regimen came to a halt, and almost 2 years later was nonexistent, still carrying an extra 20lbs of baby weight. I knew I needed some serious guidance and training so I could make the most of my workouts with the short time I had.

That is when Mike introduced me to Heather. We talked about goals and my fitness history, she did an assessment on my strength and cardiovascular ability, and we decided to train three times a week. Walking into my first session I was very hesitant and unsure of what was going to happen. I met with Heather and four other women of different ages, sizes, and fitness levels. We alternated through stations and super sets while motivating and encouraging each other. I left feeling energetic, positive, and SWEATY.  Not discouraged, out of shape, or down on myself like I had in the past.

Three months later, I am down 2 dress sizes, back to my pre-baby weight, have gained significant muscle, endurance, and confidence. Heather had taught me so much about training, the importance of incorporating strength training in with cardio, and eating properly. After plateauing while doing weight watchers the first 6 weeks, I switched to following a macros diet which Heather calculates and adjusts weekly based my weight and inches. It has had great success since making this switch.

Heather makes each training session fun, high energy, different, and always POSITIVE! I cannot thank her enough for sharing her love and passion for training with me and changing my lifestyle into a much healthier and confident one!

-Megan Donnelly