Working out with Heather has been such a positive change to my life, I highly recommend her to anyone for whatever your fitness goals may be.  Whether you are new to the gym or a bikini competitor, Heather knows exactly how to personalize any nutrition plan and workout to you.

 You are looking at a girl who was beyond afraid to walk into to gym, let alone look at herself in the mirror.  Heather took over my workout plans and nutrition.  Was I skeptical about certain aspects? Of course! I went from eating on average 1,500 calories a day to where I am now at over 3,500 calories and I am continuing to lean out and LOSE WEIGHT.  Heather is extremely professional, accountable, knowledgeable, kind and she is not just a trainer, but she becomes more like a friend and for her competitors, a sister and role model.  Heather has instilled a confidence in me that I never thought would exist. 

My advice to anyone, LISTEN TO YOUR TRAINER! They know what they are doing.  Trust in their process.  Enjoy watching your body change.  Yes, you will hit plateaus but Heather knows how to get you over them and surpass them.  Heather has pushed me to be my best in every aspect of my life both inside and outside the gym.  If you follow their plans for workout and nutrition, you will be set up for success.  


-Leslie W