Booty-Building 101


Okay Ladies, let’s face it. We all want a tiny waist and a big booty! But often times what I see in the gym is girls doing all the token “booty workouts” except I can see they’re not actually activating their glutes. If you feel like you’ve been working your butt off on leg day and seeing minimal progress, or your waking up after glute day with sore quads, there’s a good chance you’re not engaging the gluteal muscle properly.

Make the most of your workouts with these few tips!

1.       Focus on pushing through your heel during all squat/lunge movements. If you feel your heels popping off the floor that is a dead give-away that you are training only your quads with zero glute or hamstring activation

2.       SQUEEZE YOUR BUTT at the top of each rep on your squats. A muscle grows as a result of the tension placed upon that muscle – so the greater tension you can apply – the better your results will be. Additionally, – once you learn what a gluteal contraction feels like, you will become better over time with learning how to activate them during any movement.

3.       Take a WIDE stances on your lunges. When in the bottom of your rep, your knee should be directly OVER your HEEL. If your knee is coming out over your toe at the bottom of your rep, again you’re hitting quad and not glute. A wide stance on your lunge will make it easier to hit this form.

4.       Focus on training all gluteal muscles – maximus, medius, and minimus. You can do his by including isolation work such as cable kickbacks, abductor machine, and integrating a sumo stance (wide Stance with toes turned out) during squats, deadlifts and leg press machine.

5.       Take a separate day to train just the glutes. Train Quads and Hamstrings on a separate day.

WorkoutsHeather Loliger